Our Name

The name King's Parish focuses our attention on the core truth that our God reigns as King over heaven and earth; and because Christ paid the penalty for our sin, we belong to Him heart, soul and mind. We are a community of believers gathered together to worship Him and to live together in fellowship. Though we are spread out all over Dallas, we come together at different times throughout the week to train, live, and worship together as the Lord's people much like a small parish, where people are known and cared for.

The ultimate goal of our life together and our worship is to grow in Christ-likeness, so that our hardened and dead hearts might bear fuit and flower with grace. Hence, our logo was created to communicate this concept that out of something dead and lifeless, comes new life, new growth and beauty. From a painful and dead crown of thorns comes the sweet flower of grace. And it is our desire to take that grace and beauty to places it doesn’t currently exist, so that others may know of the love found in Jesus Christ, our Lord and King.

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