Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you serve communion?
Scripture teaches that the Lord works through the sacraments and the means of grace are for His children to be nourished and refreshed. We serve communion every week. Those who wish to take communion come forward to the table and receive the elements as an act of participation in worshipping the Lord and receiving His grace and blessing.

How come I have never heard of the Associate Reformed Presbyterian (ARP) denomination?
King's Parish is the first ARP church in Dallas. This 225-year-old denomination is predominately in the southeast. There are several ARP churches in the Houston metroplex. Please see the “About the ARP” page for more infomation.

What should I expect when I visit on Sunday morning?
Expect to come and worship - simply and well. Worship with the Lord’s people and for His glory. Our service lasts roughly an hour, and is traditional, liturgical, reformed, and gracious.

Do you have Sunday school for small children?
We believe that the Lord calls His families to worship together and we welcome babies and children of all ages in the service. Noises and distractions are a necessary and normal part of our life together and a good reminder that our sin is often times more of a distraction from our worship than any noise a child could make. So come, bring your families, and let us worship together.

Can I give to King’s Parish online?
Yes, click here to give online.

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